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If you are in the hunt for an iPhone or iPad journal, you may have to look no further than one of the newer contenders, My Daily Journal. Packing in functionality, customization and features, MDJ is just about as good as you will find on iOS.

Perhaps the best feature is universality. Buy this app once and you have it on your iPhone, iPad and even iPod touch. Although I reviewed it on my iPhone 4, the iPad version utilizes the large screen, scaling accordingly.

Another very important feature is that MDJ can be backed up in the ‘cloud’, something I recently mentioned no digital journal should go without. You can sync your entries via the popular Dropbox service (free account) or you can export it as a PDF if you want to store it or print it for yourself.

Most of the other features on my checklist are marked one after another. Password protection (letters and numbers), automatic saving, retroactive entries (make an entry for a date in the past), photos, search, landscape and a bunch of customization. And I mean a ton. I didn’t take the time to count the fonts, but there are dozens which you can either use for a single entry or set it as the default. Additionally you can change the size and color of every font. There are also 7 different cover colors and paper styles.

Now it is time to get a little nit picky. I wish that the journal would open up into a screen listing summaries of past entries (kind of like an email inbox) instead of opening to the most recent entry. The calendar kind of lets you see entry previews for a given day, but I like how most other journal apps have a sort of home screen to navigate from. I’m also not in love with the leather style, but that is just a personal preference. Another very minor annoyance is that whenever you leave the app (even for a second to check something) you have to re-input your password. It would be nice to have a 5 or 10 minute buffer period.

There are also some of the features I am seeing on the newer apps that aren’t included such as giving GPS location to entries and tagging topics and individuals.

Let me emphasize that these minor details pale in comparison to the power, depth and features that MDJ offers for a small price. If you want a journal that has it all, and a little bit more, My Daily Journal will give it to you with a serving of polish on the side. An update or two could perfect this fantastic option for the Apple users among us.

Easy Journaling Review: 9/10

My Daily Journal – The Personalized Journal/Diary – JI Software Company

Have you tried My Daily Journal? Do you plan on it?