Although a journal/diary app can be nothing more than a text entry mechanism with a password, there have to be features included that not only make it functional, but also set it apart in a rather crowded genre.

Momento (Diary/Journal) - d3i Ltd

Momento tries to retain the simplicity that you want while tossing in a bunch of features you didn’t even know you needed. The first impression is the gorgeous, consistent interface. Colors match and a modern/classic feel is achieved.

When you first make an entry, you may be a little confused as to why there are so many buttons. This is because entries represent more than just text with Momento. You can add people, events and places, as well as tags and pictures. These can be customized and people are added straight from your contacts. Pictures can be imported from your camera roll or a new one can be taken. Each day can also be given an overall rating.

Landscape is supported, which is essential. The calendar is also clean and simple and highlights what activities you entered on a given day. The front screen shows your recent entries at a glance.

What really sets Momento apart is the social media integration that is deeply baked in. You can log in to you Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Digg, RSS feeds and more. This way, every online move you make can be added to your private journal, thus painting a clearer picture of your life for any given day. And if you don’t like those features? Well, you don’t have to use them either.

Customization and features are sometimes used interchangeably when they really are different. Momento only has a few flaws, but the option to change your interface, background or even font are not included, which is a big deal to some. There is also no native iPad support as well as no option to email a copy of the journal to yourself (though there is an option to back up the file via iTunes).

Despite these few minor flaws, however, Momento is still the cream of the crop when it comes to iPhone journal apps. If you need an eJournal now and don’t want to wait until I review the rest of them, you won’t go wrong with Momento.

EasyJournaling Rating: 9/10

Momento (Diary/Journal) – d3i Ltd