People love leather journals. Really. They are one of the most searched for items in the journaling industry. My hunch is that this is because we all long for that classic journal our grandparents kept. It is like if we keep a diary in something old and torn it will somehow become richer and more meaningful.

Molenotes - Fabulously Retro

Of course eJournaling kind of flies in the face of this trend. We want our journal keeping to be easier, but we still want that classic feel. Hot off the App Store presses is Molenotes, a journal/note keeping/writing app that majors in antiquity and minors in charm. Each page is a specific length and if you want to write more, you have to go onto the next one. You can also bookmark, tab and your pages are indexed in the ‘back’ of the book. Landscape is also supported.

Another great feature, one that too many journals leave out, is the option to create as many journals/books that you want. This way you can keep a nutrition journal, personal journal and baby journal, all within the same app. When you start a new book you are also presented with the option of choosing from three different fonts. You can also sync with Dropbox for backup and piece of mind.

Molenotes still has room for improvement adding some of the features other journal apps have started to include (pictures, geotagging, social media integration…), but you could argue that without them it is even better. Molenotes cuts out the crap and is fantastically simple.

As an author, I am also intrigued at the opportunity to write fictional stories (long or short) with the classic feel to keep me in the right mindset.

Oh, and its free for a limited time so what are you waiting for? Go grab Molenotes! You can also follow them on Twitter @fabulouslyretro.

Easy Journaling Rating: 7/10

Update: Molenotes isn’t free anymore. You can now grab it Molenotes – Fabulously Retro for $0.99.