I’ll cut to the chase: when it comes to journal/diary applications for Android devices, Memoires is probably not only the best option, but the cheapest as well. Read on to find out why I think so.

I’ve identified nearly 30 features that eJournals can integrate to improve the usefulness of these applications. Memoires is awesome simply because it checks off so many of these. From basic and essential such as password protection full backup and restore (including Google Docs integration) to the frivolous not-so-necessary such as emoticons and lunar cycles, this handy diary app has most features most users will want.

From the developer, this is a more complete list:

– Strong protection with password and encryption
– Timeline, Calendar, Map and Album views

– Unlimited amount of photos captured or images
– Audio recordings as attachements
– Emotions (smileys)
– Configurable fonts and font size
– User fonts from SD card
– Tags to organize and classify records
– “Flow of thoughts” as an additional way to keep memories linked
– Current weather conditions
– Current lunar phase
– Geo location, altitude and address
– Filtering
– Full-text search
– Unlimited possibilities to share records and images
– Storing text, links and images from other applications
– Export as RTF document for printing including images
– Export as Google document
– Full two-way synchronization with Google spreadsheet
– Export images to Google Picasa album.
– Full backup and restore
– Supports Move to SD card

Oh, and did I mention Memoires: The Diary is free? Heck. Yes.

You may be wondering how a developer can offer so much and survive. One way is that there is an additional widget offered that allows you to update your journal right from your home screen which actually does cost something ($1.59). If you become an avid user of Memoires or if you want to support the developers, I would recommend buying this widget for improved performance and support.

I only found a few drawbacks. One is that there is no support for multiple journals. This is becoming more common in the top-tier journal apps and hopefully we see it included with further updates. I also don’t love the overall look and feel of the app. Dozens of features are nice, but untamed can make an app feel a little clunky and cluttered. The best way to overcome this is for developers to limit features initially and offer more advanced ones to be turned on in the settings if the user wishes to do so.

But what are you waiting for? Memoires is FREE! Forget my recommendation and try it out for yourself. Of course please let us know in the comments if this is really what it seems or if it is just too good to be true.

Easy Journaling Rating: 9/10