How Is Flava Free?!

Flava LogoFlava™ - Save All Moments! - Greenmonster, Inc.If you are recently switching from handwritten journals to digital (or even currently doing both), simple text entries might be enough for you at this point. That is perfectly fine, but if you are looking for a little bit more, there are special apps like Flava™ – Save All Moments! that allow the user to add entries in ways you didn’t even know were possible.

I really like the way Flava is set up. Instead of every entry being the same and just allowing the importing of pictures, links or other media, there are seven different entry types to choose from: text, photo, places, music, books, URL and recordings. Most entry types are rather deep as well. For example, books is integrated into Google Books so you can search for a book and it will bring up the information with it. You can then comment on the book. Music will link to a song in your library that you can play right from the diary and photo allows you to add graphics to your pictures before you input them into the entry.

Tags are super simple. There are just a few to choose from and they are all graphical. You can simply tap on the heart or smiley and that entry will be organized with the rest of the same tag.

The interface is beautiful, but there is admittedly no customization or fonts available at this point. If you don’t like green you won’t like Flava.

The cloud is supported in a variety of ways. You can backup and restore with a Dropbox account and you can sync with Evernote. So, so cool.

FlavaAh, and if you are into the whole social media things the kids are doing these days such as something called “Twiiter”, “Facebook” or “Tumblr”, these are integrated into Flava so that sharing is possible with the tap of a button. Of course, as I have belabored, these aren’t the best features you want when you are keeping a private journal (even as a temptation), but many will welcome the additions. Password protection is available as an option.

The developers promise that an iPad and Android version will be available soon.

Overall, Flava is an amazing piece of code that provides a fun and dynamic way of recording ones life. Without some of the essential features such as PDF export, search, customization and a browser or computer interface and with the social integration that may tempt you to share what should be a personal journal, Flava is a tough sell as a primary journal replacement in competition of so many other great apps and services. Still, at the current price of nothing you should check this unique app out and determine that for yourself.

Make sure and check out the included video that I pulled from the developer, Greenmon’s website. (Which, I might add, is very nice)

Easy Journaling Rating: 7/10

Flava™ iPhone Application – Save All Your Moments! from Greenmonster on Vimeo.