Chronicle – personal journal and secret diary is a solid app from a well established developer, Slide To Rock. Along with Chronicle for both the iPhone and iPad, StR also has put over 20 apps in the app store. With this app developing experience comes a well rounded feature-set and stable performance.

The interface of Chronicle leans more towards classic, similar to Molenotes. Still, customization options are available including a kaleidoscope of colors to choose for your background and several different fonts and sizes. Multiple entries can be made per day and pictures can be added to every entry. The search function is also prominently displayed, performs well and can be customized to search for different lengths of time.

Backup can be accomplished via iTunes or Dropbox and you can export the entire journal via email or Google docs. Passwords can be up to eight characters and writing can be done in portrait or landscape. Entries are auto-saved in progress, which is a nice touch for a frequently interrupted device.

Slide To Rock seems to have checked most of the boxes for an above average journal app without adding unnecessary frills. It has most of the security, features and customization you should be looking for in an attractive interface. It still feels like it is just a few features away from standing out in the crowd. It doesn’t have the tags, calendar or social integration that Momento has and you can’t create multiple journals like Molenotes can. There is an iPad version, but it isn’t universal with the iPhone like Day One is.

If you are looking for a low-cost journal/diary app with most of the features you need and without the bells and whistles, Chronicle is a good choice. But if you are ready to start a life long journal and want all of the options available, some of the competition, such as Momento, would be a better choice.

Chronicle - personal journal and secret diary - write notes - Steven Romej

EasyJournaling Rating: 7/10