There are countless reasons to keep a journal. My list of 101 Reasons gets pretty deep into those benefits, but there are many more- virtually all of them positive. Just about any aspect of one’s life can be improved upon with the aide of a well-kept, private journal.

So does it do us justice to keep just one journal? For most of my life I have thought ‘yes’ to that question but recently I have begun to doubt and even wondered if I shouldn’t start one or two completely separate (and still private) journals.

Photo Credit - Barry Silver

Photo Credit – Barry Silver

It all started when my wife saw me ‘journaling’ (which I was doing via laptop at that point) and she mentioned that she really wanted me to write down my password so that she could access all that I have written in the event that I passed on. That made good sense to me because much of what I write is to my children and their children and so on. If my journal is super duper encrypted/password protected/unhackable, how would anyone ever access it if I wasn’t here?

I guess part of my personal problem is that some of what I write is for myself while other parts are for my family and friends. Mixing them all together doesn’t really help either party but instead either makes me not want to truly open up or else be hesitant in sharing these thoughts with my posterity. Neither option is optimal.

Fortunately, many journaling services offer multiple journal support- the ability to keep more than one separate journal in the same account. I love this ability in my Penzu Pro account because I have been able to keep a journal not only for myself but for son and daughter as well (who are much too young to be writing).


Photo Credit -  Joel Montes de Oca

Photo Credit – Joel Montes de Oca

Still, this doesn’t solve my overall multiple journal problem because if I did give my wife the password (or wrote it down and told her where it was), she would have access to all of my journals, not just one. To truly have separate journals you would need different ones from different accounts- or even services.

This line of thinking has basically convinced me that it is high time that I start another journal in an entirely different service. I think I will call it my throw-away journal because I won’t give anyone access to it. Heck, I might not even divulge where it is or that it exists. This way I can be truly open with myself holding nothing back. Some of you might be saying that this is how you keep your journal anyways because you want your posterity to know who you really are, but I’m not there yet. For now I think I want to keep them separate. My throw-away journal may not get as much TLC as my main one, but it will still be there when I need it most.

What about you? Is there room in your journaling life for more than one journal? Please let us know in the comments!