Fresh into the app store is a hybrid journal/social media application called Loccit. It utilizes the features I often preach about such as security and media import while also integrating seamlessly into your journal. When it is all said and done you can either make your journal from scratch, entry by entry; you can have Loccit fill your journal up for you by compiling tweets, Facebook updates and more or you can do any combination of the two into a unique social, but still private and secure (if that even makes sense) journal/diary. Oh, and that killer feature that I have only see one other digital journal (LDS Journal) have? With Loccit you can print copies of your journal!

Read on to see some of the features and be sure to catch the intro video as well.

  • You’re already writing it…

    Every time you update Facebook or Twitter, watch a video on YouTube, listen to or add an event, you’re telling the story of your life. We pull the story together for you and create your Loccit diary.

  • It’s important to others too…

    Your life is important to your loved ones, friends and maybe even the whole world! It should be recorded. Loccit does that automatically.

  • Your diary of last year, delivered

    Once you’ve collected enough online entries to look back on, wouldn’t it be nice to have them in your hands? We can give you a high quality printed version of your diary, delivered, for you to enjoy for years to come.

Social Networking Features
– View and post updates to all of your networks from one app
– Post to multiple networks at once
– Like, retweet and comment on all of your friends’ photos and posts from any network
– Message a friend from any network and add new friends to Loccit
– Geo-tag your updates; see your life on a map (coming soon)!

Diary/Journal Features
– Loccit captures your greatest moments in a unique self-writing diary
– Import every update & photo that you’ve ever posted within minutes of registering to create a diary with instant content
– Automatic importing of your social updates, photos, check-ins and more from your social networks
– Write longer blog-style entries to enrich your diary
– 3 levels of privacy: Keep moments private, share with friends (on Loccit, Facebook or Twitter), or make moments public

Compatible Networks
– Facebook
– Linkedin
– Twitter
Networks coming very soon:
– Foursquare
– GoWalla
– Google Calendar
– YouTube
– and more…