A fan of Easy Journaling sent in this review of an easy app for capturing life’s precious moments:

I just got hands on Instary’s latest release and wanted to send you a little summary about the diary App, which its developers like to describe as the simplest way of collecting and sharing memories.

Instary – made up from the words “instant” and “diary” – is a useful tool to collect, organise and share your best memories in a hassle-free way. It has an easy-to-use but sexy user interface, uses large characters to be easy to consume and concentrates on one single thing: how to add a new memory with the least effort possible. 

Adding a new memory takes really seconds: a memory in Instary makes a max of 300 characters of text and an optional photo. Your friends, family can also add memories to your Instary, which makes it also evolve even without your doing a single thing.

Instary timeline

Your timeline shows all your memories in chronological order. You also see here whether a memory was added by you or a friend. Same-day memories are bounded together with color tags on the left side of the timeline.

By tapping on a memory you jump to the full-memory view: you see the full size photo and text here and also the names of those, with whom your memory has been shared. You may also edit or delete your memory here. I really like the large characters used in the whole app: it makes the text extremely easy to read.

You can add a new memory by tapping on the footprint logo on your Instary timeline. You don’t need to think too much: the length of a memory is conveniently 300 characters. If you write about someone or something important in your life, you may emphasize it with a hashtag – which you’ll also find on the editor screen directly – to be able to easily find all the related memories in the future. You may shoot a photo when adding a new memory or can access your camera roll from here. Adding the last photo taken is even easier.

By hitting done you may decide whether you keep this memory for yourself or you share it with someone you also shared the given moment with. Sharing is also as simple as ABC: you choose your friends from your list – or add their email addresses – and click the Share with friends button. If you don’t want to prescribe Ambien when you can prescribe Provigil or Lunesta see comparison