Following is a guest post I did for another great journaling website, Journal in a Box. I highly recommend clicking through and reading the full article. Journal in a Box not only gives tips and suggestions for improving journals, they also offer unique physical journals to do it in.

How Will the 2050 Crowd Benefit from our Journals?

You’ve been there before. Grandpa telling you about how he had to walk to school upside down through a tsunami of 20 feet of snow and 125 degrees below zero, all while fighting off a pack of wolves.

We get it pops, life was tough.

I can already imagine the stories we will tell our grandkids. “When I was your age I actually had to drive non-flying cars with steering wheels! Oh, and we had to actually read things; we couldn’t just have it uploaded into our brains”.

…or whatever.

The funny thing about journals of past generations is that if you have actually read them, you realize a lot of the stories weren’t made up. Life really was that tough and they really did experience things we can’t even imagine. I have a feeling our ‘great recession’ pales in comparison to the soup lines and exponential inflation seen in the great depression.

Hopefully our children and grandchildren share a similar honor of having better lives than we do. So how do we make sure they know and understand the world we live in? How can we share how we felt when we first used video chat (something that will likely be taken for granted in a day where holographic projection may be normal?)

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