Photo Credit - Jake & Lindsay Sherbert

Photo Credit – Jake & Lindsay Sherbert

Well, this is backwards.

About a week ago I spoke of my efforts to end my current journal to begin a new one. It wasn’t until I wrote that post and with your encouragement that I was able to make the jump. I want to share, not only how I ended it, but how I began the next one as well.

So now, as my life goes into another transitioning curve, I bid farewell and hope that the reader has access to my future journals.

And, in the words of perhaps the greatest trilogy of all time, Back to the Future…

To be continued…

The next day when I started my new one, these are the first words I began with:

If I were to give names to chapters in my life, this one would probably be something like “Fatherhood, Post College and Starting Career”.

Another option would be to write the intro to a journal later when you understood better what was in it. Maybe I will and maybe I won’t.

So there you have it and now the challenge… how did you start your last journal?