Photo Credit - Matthew Ptrus

Photo Credit – Matthew Ptrus

If you have ever read the famous Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, you probably know about Calvinball. This game shows up frequently and is a game of excitement, exhilaration and… ever changing rules. In fact, there aren’t really any rules to Calvinball. That is what makes it what it is. If you have to ask yourself what the rules are, then your aren’t doing it right.

If you asked a hundred thousand people how to journal, you would likely get just as many answers (except for the fair amount that would say ‘I don’t know!’). The reason everyone has a different take on what journaling is and how to do it is because, like Calvinball, there aren’t any rules. The only qualification for a good journal entry is to put the pen to the paper (or the keys to the keyboard or the thumbs to the touchscreen…).

In EasyJournaling we have and will get into some journaling tips, journaling topics and some journal writing prompts, all to expand your skill set and enrich your writing experience.  But the biggest step is just to get started and to keep going. Your style will evolve and expand and you will probably feel that you are getting ‘better’, whatever ‘better’ is.