If you have a goal to write in your journal somewhat consistently, you will run up against a universal journal law- not all entries are created equally. They can’t be. Some days are virtually event-less while others are life changing. How to you make sure that the birth of your first born doesn’t get lost between the day you got stuck in traffic (again) and the day you are frustrated with your failed diet?

Here are a few tips I have discovered that can help you with this occasional dilemma:

  • Make sure and use tags (or keywords) about the event. For example, if you graduated college you should make sure that ‘Graduate’ ‘UNC’ and ‘College’ are all in the entry. This way you can easily find the entry via the built in search function that your journal has because you listened when I told you it was important. Some journals even allow for specific tagging or hashtagging.
  • Include pictures where possible. If you just had your 40th birthday, include a few photos of the party or maybe of the present your spouse got you. Or, if you are bitter because everyone forgot, include a snapshot of the ramen noodles you prepared for yourself.
  • Some journals have the option to flag or favorite entries. This is exactly what they should be used for.
  • Consider using bold or CAPS in the entry title (if you use them). This way you can quickly find the important dates when scanning through the list of entries.

I write this post since I have had to deal with it recently. Since Facebook knows I guess it is okay for EJ to know as well… baby #2 is on the way for myself and the Misses! We have known for a few months now and tomorrow we are actually going to find out what it is.



It was funny because the day I found out I obviously wrote about it in my journal but the next day I found out my little brother is having his first as well at the same time! How to deal with back to back EPIC posts is another entry for another day.

Any other tips for these momentous occasions?
Update: It’s a girl!