In the perfect, all electronic, digital journaling world that we are converging into, journals will not end. They will just continue on forever until the end of your life.

This is contrary to the world we have grown up in. Bound journals are finite elements. They have a set number of pages and when those pages run out, it is time to start a new one from scratch. Even those who use a 3 ring binder and individual pages eventually run out of space.

Additionally, when the time comes to switch from written to digital, or even one type of digital journal to another, there needs to be some sort of conclusion. In the words of a 90’s song by Semisonic “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.”

I am at this point right now. I’m ready to make a switch but I can’t do it because I don’t know how to end. Do I just say “Well, today is Thursday and you know what that means… THE END!”

Do I wait for some big event? Do I not even bother and just cut it off cold turkey and pick it up tomorrow?

So in the history of blog posts that ask more questions than it answers, this one should be up there. No new content here, just some food for thought.

How should journals be ended?