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Easy Journaling AppThis is the first episode of Capturing Life where I invited a journaling app developer to join me and discuss some features of their app. Meet Siqi Chen, co-founder and CEO of Heyday, an app that does your journaling for you! Heyday is getting great reviews and attention because it organizes information that most people collect in their journals (places you visit, photos you take, etc.) into a timeline so that all you need to do is provide insights, captions, thoughts and feelings.

Some people may argue that this is not “journaling” but give a listen to this conversation before you decide for yourself. Heyday has many interesting features that capture your life, simply because your smartphone fits easy into your daily life.  Heyday is also one of the apps which is sponsoring the first annual “30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge”. More details can be found here.

This is the 16th episode of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast, and features a discussion with entrepreneur and app developer, Siqi Chen.