When you are looking to either drop a few pounds or just live a healthier lifestyle, there are a host of calorie tracking websites available to assist you in this endeavor. They are called a variety of things, but most commonly food diaries or food journals and, as with most online diaries, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors.

eI’m not going to toss out any fibs about me knowing something about these food diaries, because I really don’t know much. I’m trying to learn, but can’t call myself an expert in any measure of the term, so I won’t. Instead, I’ve congregated these resources together so that you can learn from those who know. If you have a favorite food diary, please let us know in the comments below.

And yes, this is a blog post about other blog posts that will point you to online food diaries. I call it ‘Blogception’.

Nutrition Calendar: The Top Five Online Food Diaries (dietivity.com)

Not only does guest blogger Jasmine Stephenson give five great options for your food diary needs, but several readers have also chimed in with their own suggestions as well.

The Best Online Food Diaries (s2smagazine.com)

This list of four food diaries is a good starting place, even if there isn’t much detail given in the post. One bonus, however, is that the price is given for each diary to help with your decision.

Best Online Food Journals (examiner.com)

Chicago weight loss examiner Lisa Davis fills you in on four online food journals with some useful commentary and helpful details.