Whether you are new to journaling or a seasoned veteran, there are likely times in your life that you wish you had kept better records of. This can be a feeling of overwhelm or even sorrow, knowing that it would be, at best, difficult to catch up or retrieve those lost memories.

You may be surprised to hear that many of those memories are not only available, but written down as well.



In attempting to keep in contact with separated loved ones, we often communicate through email, updating our lives. These emails are surprisingly saturated with details of our lives and are stored for pretty much as long as we use the email account.

These letters work as great journal entries and can help fill in gaps you thought were long forgotten. To find them, go into the ‘Sent’ folder of your email account. Scroll to the date you are looking to fill and look for emails you sent to family and friends. You can either use them in total or edit them to fit your needs.

If you keep a physical journal, print these out and put them between pages where they would have gone. Paperclips work well for keeping them from getting separated from the rest.

If you keep a digital journal, simply copy and paste the material you like where it should have gone. Most online clients allow for you to create posts in the past and this feature is often underutilized.

I first used  this trick a few years back and it was a life saver for about a year when I didn’t write anything. Today you can still use email, but this also works equally as well with Facebook (or twitter or…) messages as well.

Dear Mom,

Life is great! I finally got the job and am fumbling my way into my new career though my new supervisor is kind of a jerk. Thanks again for helping me through school, it was worth the wait. My new room mates aren’t too bad, though one of them insists on having her dog sleep on in my room when I am gone. It drives me crazy! Another one is a co-worker that I carpool with.

I heard grandpa is doing better. I can’t believe some people have to go through so many trials while others skip through life unscathed. He is an inspiration to me.

Well, gotta go. I found a new jogging group and they won’t wait around for me!


Your Daughter