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Easy Journaling 2016-07-27T00:23:44Z http://www.easyjournaling.com/feed/atom/ WordPress Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #22 – Make MyTherapyJournal Free Forever for Everyone!]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=5175 2016-05-21T16:43:47Z 2016-05-21T16:43:47Z mytherapyjournal_sharktankMeet the Saccoman brothers (or at least Alexis), inventors of the online MyTherapyJournal, a highly-calibrated self-reflection toolset that combines the healing power of journaling with a psychoanalytic measurement platform, putting a process of self-therapy into the hands of millions of people. After a rousing offer from the investors of Shark Tank, their online sales tripled, and it looked like a happy ending for everyone who sought a specialized therapy journal.

But the investment offer fell through, and like any software package, expenses to keep the machines updated and running smoothly have piled up. The Brazilian brothers have made attempts to sell the therapy engine, but with no success.

This episode, learn about the future plans for MyTherapyJournal, to keep it alive and running, free, for everyone, forever.

]]> 0 Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #21 – David Wizardgold]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=5126 2016-03-30T09:07:04Z 2016-03-30T09:07:04Z

Good & GeekyDuring the 30-Day Digital Journaling Challenge, I met a man who taught me to open my mind even wider on the definition of “digital journaling.” In addition to keyboard and photographs, he includes audio and video journaling! At first I disagreed — journaling without writing?? — but after some consideration, I conceded.

In this episode of Capturing Life Through Technology, I interview a man by the name of David Allen Wizardgold, author of several books in the “Good & Geeky” series, including photography, and his newest book on digital journaling.

]]> 0 Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #20 – Introducing JRNL.com]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=5114 2016-02-26T00:19:51Z 2016-02-26T00:19:51Z

JRNLYou may have read my announcement about JRNL, the new and improved version of LDSJournal, the popular journaling app which has been consistently rated extremely highly for its robust features and emphasis on archiving family history.

In this episode of Capturing Life Through Technology, I interview Nick Jones, Founder and Lead Visionary of JRNL.com. Nick has been in the tech industry for over 16 years and has experience in Management, Marketing & Operations. Previously, he has worked as a Brand Consultant to Wrangler, Special Olympics, Mandalay Resorts and Las Vegas Events.

I felt some relief to learn that the beloved LDSJournal had not totally disappeared, and I also felt satisfaction to learn about its continued success as JRNL.com. I enjoyed meeting Nick, and learning that JRNL.com offers both web and mobile journal writing. It also offers autobiographical tools, traditional book publishing and more. And according to Nick, they’re only just starting to pave a new future for journal-writers all over the world.

Bakari Chavanu <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #13 – The 5 Levels of Digital Journaling (Podcast)]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=3401 2016-01-27T20:52:22Z 2016-01-27T08:34:12Z Photo Credit - Susan

Photo Credit – Susan

Organization isn’t usually my thing. I typically make up things as I go and look back to see how I did.

However, when it comes to improving digital journaling skills, I have found that many struggle to get started, let alone become proficient and comfortable with this relatively new practice. For this reasons I actually put myself to organizing the process of becoming a better digital journaler and the 5 Levels of Digital Journaling was born. I have spoken about it before and you can also take an interactive quiz to find your own digital journaling level (see links in show notes below).

This 13th episode of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast focuses on these 5 levels and also tips on how to improve your own level.

Let us know what your level is in the comments and also what level you want to achieve.

The 5 Levels of Digital Journaling

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[Attention LDSJournal Members: JRNL.com has arrrived!]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=5063 2015-12-23T04:45:14Z 2015-12-23T04:45:14Z In a recent email broadcast to all LDSJournal members, it was announced that JRNL.com is on its way to replace and outperform the software team that had resigned last year. Here is the memo:

LDSJI’m excited to announce that LDSJournal was recently acquired by JRNL.com and transition to the new site has begun. As part of the merger, a new and improved journaling application has been developed to support all of our members along with any existing journals, entries and/or content. The new platform includes all of the features previously available on LDSJournal, as well as a number of additional enhancements, including the ability to create multiple journals; the ability to include inline photos, and the ability to set a recurring reminder to journal.

JRNL.com features an award-winning development team with an overall operation roughly 10X larger than that previously dedicated to LDSJournal. This gives us the ability to release new features and product improvements on a regular basis, while offering the highest possible levels of customer service to our members.

LDSJournal will only be available for a limited time and all users should transition to the new site as soon as possible. As an added bonus, users transferring prior to 1/31/2016* will be automatically upgraded to a JRNL Plus account at no charge. This enhanced service normally retails for $29.99 a year, but it’s yours for life, and it’s absolutely FREE with our compliments.

*This offer applies only to those who have a current LDSJournal account prior to today.

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #12 – Penzu and the Other Online Journals and Diaries (Podcast)]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=3371 2015-12-25T12:32:23Z 2015-12-20T16:52:08Z Photo Credit - Phil Roeder

Photo Credit – Phil Roeder

While it is nice to be able to pull out your smartphone or tablet and make a journal entry keeping a journal online has its own perks. Not only is your journal automatically backed up and secure but you can also often write entries from mobile devices as well.

As you will learn in the 12th episode of the Capturing Life podcast, Penzu is the industry leader as far as online journals go but there is at least one major contender.

As always, if I missed a great online journal please let us know in the comments below.

Penzu and the Other Online Journals and Diaries

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #11 – The Hard Way And The Easy Way To Convert Your VHS Tapes (Podcast)]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=3233 2015-12-25T12:32:25Z 2015-11-21T05:36:00Z Photo Credit - Sergio Carrasco

Photo Credit – Sergio Carrasco

Few things defined my 90’s childhood like VHS tapes. We watched everything on these bulky media boxes from blockbuster movies to home videos. Now it seems as if most of us have stacks of these analog tapes collecting dust… and just waiting for a disaster.

Converting VHS to DVD (or just to digital files) is actually very (very, very) easy. However, join me in this episode of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast as I show you the hard way to convert VHS tapes, the way that I have always done it. After I demystify the DYI way I also tell you the easiest way.

As always, if you have experience or questions, ask them in the comment section below!

CLTT Episode 11 Notes

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #10- How To Make Family Video Slideshows]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=3219 2015-12-25T12:32:26Z 2015-10-20T18:37:17Z 2

Photo Credit – Sam Lytle

Making video slideshows of pictures may not be as popular as it was 5-10 years ago but it is still a powerful way to capture stories and history in a creative and fun way. With the smartphones, tablets and cameras we all carry around now it is even easier to get a good group of pictures with which to make a great video from. Additionally, the apps available on these devices as well as computers and laptops make it possible for almost anyone with any level of expertise to make video slideshows.

For 6 years I made video slideshows for my extended family each year before Christmas. It was a ton of fun to do and especially to enjoy together when it was all done. And now that the videos have had time to age they are even more precious to all of us.

In this episode of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast I dive into how and why I did these videos and how and why you should do them as well. Of course my situation is unique and I understand that it may make more sense for you to do a scaled down approach to these types of family videos. You can also do them on a event basis such as a vacation to Hawaii or a wedding.

The only major note for this podcast is that I mentioned how I created a single site where I embeded all of these family videos into a single place. You can check it out here, but don’t be creepy about it or I’ll have to take it down!

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[Lessons Learned During the Penzu Upgrade]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=2313 2015-12-25T12:32:27Z 2015-10-01T23:39:29Z Important Note about Apps that are Upgrading.

If you have been a part of the Easy Journaling community for a while you have probably seen a post or two about the most popular online journal, Penzu. Not writing about it would be similar to a tech blog not writing about Apple — possible but not realistic.

This journaling service offers many features for free and even more for $19/year including syncing Penzu on Android and iPhone. A year ago, we posted a personal review on the subject titled Why I’m Switching to Penzu. In short, the author of the article was tired of Wonderful Days for the iPhone and wanted the best option available. Being the world’s digital journaling guru, we wanted experience with the best of the best! So we made the switch, and documented results.

It was clear from the beginning that it was the right decision. The author of the review basked in the magnificence of feature overload for months. You are able to customize to your heart’s desire (including notebook titles, colors, font type and size), write from a keyboard or touchscreen and sleep in the comfort of knowing that your journal was backed up, password protected and encrypted. Maybe overkill, but nice nonetheless!

This product review has been updated because Penzu has released an entirely new version that is far-and-above the one used to make this early review. You see, in the early days of Penzu, there were some glitches to be worked out when someone tried switching from iPhone to Android. We didn’t think it would be a big deal because Penzu has an Android app just like the iPhone app. It appeared that one could switch phones and the data contained within the journal wouldn’t care. Our app reviewer wrestled with the issue for some time, trying to get the sync to work. But fortunately, once we got the app developer involved, the bumpy ride came to an end.

We learned a two helpful lessons as a result of this exercise.

  1. Always have an exit strategy. Even the best-intentioned app developers cannot predict when there might be a problem, and exporting your journal (at minimum to a printable format, such as PDF) is the only way to guarantee you won’t lose your journal entries. (If you want to frustrate me, just find a way to lose my journal entries, arguably a piece of my soul!)
  2. Update the mobile apps when the developer requires it. Part of the problem our reviewer experienced came from continuing to use an outdated iPhone app. Penzu has made some amazing new enhancements which required the app be updated on the phone.

And speaking of mobile applications, Penzu has helped me enjoy journaling from my phone! The full-featured interface is easy to use, and allows you to select photos taken right from your phone to include in your journal. And today, the sync is seamless.

The only feature missing (and I’m assured by the co-founder that it is very-soon coming) is the ability to export entries. Keep an eye out for my full review of Penzu, now that the other issues have all been resolved.

Nathan Ohren <![CDATA[CLTT Episode #9- Live a Life Worth Capturing]]> http://www.easyjournaling.com/?p=3176 2016-05-21T16:15:00Z 2015-06-18T19:38:19Z Photo Credit - Louise Docker

Photo Credit – Louise Docker

This is the story of how I quit my job to live my dreams and found and even better job in the process. The past few months has been an incredible ride full of uncertainty, hope, excitement, fear and the busiest weeks of our life. We are now almost settled completely in our new life and I couldn’t be happier as to how it has worked out.

While this podcast is a little outside of the normal Capturing Life Through Technology scope, I hope that you will find inspiration in the major life changes we have just made. I also answer a listener question about how to set up my picture process using a Mac.

This story also explains why this podcast is almost two weeks late. We are living with family and I just started my new job. We have no routine now and I hope you will all be forgiving as we continue to settle for the next few weeks. I will try and keep up with the blog and podcast but things might be inconsistent for a few more weeks.

If you have any questions now or ever, please email me at sam@easyjournaling.com

Life A Life Worth Capturing