A while back I wrote a post on a new iPhone application called Everyday.me and how it was the latest in a movement to automate your personal journal. Well, apparently Everyday.me was an early build and now the full product is out and called Everyday Timeline. This cute application has now become a force in the iOS journal space and with a few m

ore improvements could become one of my top recommendations.

Everyday Timeline now includes many of the features that I consider important or even essential such as:

    • Exporting – you can now export and backup your journal to Dropbox and Evernote weekly automatically. You can also print out the PDF for your own purpose.
    • Sharing – you can also explicitly share specific entries with others via email or Facebook.
    • Email posting – you can add entries by emailing anything to post@everyday.me. Attachments work also.
    • Location checkins – You can record your own private location/checkins, and/or import them from Foursquare.
    • Calendar – Search by date.
    • Infographics – some simple infographics on your journaling habits and entries.
    • Chrome extension – easily add any webpage or link to your journal.

These are all in addition to the incredible abilities to automatically have Facebook posts, Tweets, Foursquare check ins and Instagram pictures included within your private journal entries. I am a big fan of this ability because it allows us to include content we are already creating while still keeping it private and personal.

There is additionally a web version where you can see your site as well but I can’t seem to get it to work right now.

It’s hard for me to recommend this over Penzu, LDS Journal or even Day One because aside from a browser viewer your journaling is limited to the iPhone. If there were Android, PC, Mac or even iPad versions I would be more excited (especially since I just switched to Android).

But until those versions are created Everyday Timeline is an AWESOME choice for your iPhone (one of the best, actually), especially because it is free!


Give this free journal a try and let us know what you think in the comments.