It is always my pleasure to be featured as a guest writer for one of the best journaling websites online, Create Write Now. This is part two in a three part series have written on figuring out what features you need to look for as you search for an eJournal. I highly encourage you to click through to the full article and the rest of the Create Write Now goodness.

Guest Blog Post By Sam Lytle

In the market for a solid eJournal for your computer or mobile device? If you have taken the time to look around, you may have been a little overwhelmed at all of the different options and the features that they advertise.

“This journal has just under a million fonts!”
“This diary will make you more attractive!”
“This app shoots out sparkles when you write a week in a row!”

…or something like that.

Well, not only am I here to clear up all of that confusion, but also to inform you that all features are not created equally. Basically they can be separated into three different categories in this fairly self explanatory list:

1: Essential Features
2: Features that Matter
3: Features that really don’t Matter

This second in the three part series covers the features that matter.

Somewhere between features you can’t live without and those that do little to nothing are the features that matter. As you choose your eJournal, try and get one that has as many of these as possible.

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