It is hard to believe that it has almost been a year that I have been on this Easy Journaling project, but it is true. The outpouring of support has been great and the stories of those of you who have been helped with your eJournaling motivate and inspire me to continue on this path.

I have to continually remind myself that those of you who either frequent this site or are new have probably missed some of the more important posts- many of which came out in the early months. I’ve tried to add a few of them to the side bar here and there because I realize that these posts are where readers want to end up, but I have still missed some. This line of thinking has prompted me to make a single post that will eventually find a permanent place here at Easy Journaling to help all of you find the most important content the quickest.

I’ve ranked these posts and pages not by which I think are the best or most interesting or even those that I think will generate the most revenue. Rather, I’ve simply sorted my posts by most hits and to make this list even more interesting, I’ve included how many (hits) each of these posts/pages have had, all time. Hopefully the fellow web masters among us will appreciate that. Also note that I understand my more recent posts may also be more popular but haven’t had the time to generate the hits as the early ones.

1. So What IS the Best Journal App for the iPhone? (7099)

2. 5 Great Android Journals/Diaries to get You Started (6819)

3. Journal App Review: Day One for the iPhone (2694)

4. 3 Great iPad Journals (2665)

5. Journal App Review: Wonderful Days for the iPhone (2476)

6. 101 Reasons to Write a Journal (2128)

7. Modern Journaling (1497)

8. Where Do I Start? (1465)

9. Top 5 Free iPad Journals/Diaries (1140)

10. iPad Journal Review: Max Journal (1129)

A few thoughts about this list. Obviously my top 5 lists for Android and iPhone journals trump everything else and this is likely due to the fact that they are always advertised on the sidebar. I’ve also noticed that readers generally like titles with numbers in them which fact proves itself here (hence the name of this post!). The only two pages that made the list are Modern Journaling and Where Do I Start? And finally, posts that have been back linked by other sites such as 101 Reasons to Write a Journal tend to be favorable to Google and thus see a lot of search traffic.

Aren’t I transparent today!

What is your favorite Easy Journaling post?