Draw Pad Pro Review

Draw Pad Pro : Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks! - Fishington Studios

Alright. So you like the whole idea about keeping a journal on your iPhone because it is always with you and can easily be backed up. But there is just something about writing down your thoughts that cannot be captured with thumb-typing. Oh, what to do!

Fetter no more my friends. I present to you Draw Pad Pro, the culmination of the best of both the classic and digital journaling worlds. Of course there are other apps that will allow you to do basically the same thing, but I think Draw Pad Pro is one of the best and I have also just spent some quality hands on time with the mobile application.

DPP really has nearly all of the great features I encourage you to look for in a journal app with the only difference being the text input (handwritten vs typed). These include the option to create multiple journals, PDF export and even syncing with GoodReader or Dropbox! You can also choose from a ton of different backgrounds and pen colors and several sizes of pen thickness.

Another interesting addition is the ability to trace pictures. You can import them from your camera roll and draw around the edges. See my rough sketch of my son using this method in the included screenshots. For a $0.99 in-app purchase you can also import pictures.

An important note on this, however. Because iPhones have capacitive screens (and are therefore not pressure activated) you cannot use just any tip or stylus to write or draw on these devices. If you want to use this app you will either have to use your finger, or get special styli made for capacitive screens (you can get these for only a couple of dollars on Amazon or eBay like I did).

Although I love the idea of having this handwriting option, there are still a few drawbacks to using Draw Pad Pro. The main one is that there isn’t any sort of password method that I can find. This is basically the number one no-no for finding a good journal to open up in. Another frustrating thing is that you can’t ‘undo’ if you draw or write something you didn’t want to. Hopefully this will be included in future updates.

Oh, and using this app reminded me personally of why I prefer typing: my handwriting offends chickens who scratch. That’s just me though, but something to consider if you have never been a fan of your penmanship.

I am guessing that there are a few of you that have been on the fence about switching to keeping a journal on your iPhone because of the lack of handwriting, so I highly encourage you to check out Draw Pad Pro and let us know in the comments if this is the solution to your problems! At only $1.99 it is worth a look.

Easy Journaling Rating: 7/10