mdAfter reviewing several really good journaling apps, My Diary – Private Journal was quite a letdown.  In all fairness I must state that I am a bit of an App Junkie and I enjoy apps that are feature rich as well as apps that are highly customizable.  My Diary – Private Journal is neither.  What you see is what you get, and you don’t get much.  Nevertheless, how can one complain when the price is right… it is free.  When an app is free what could you lose?  All you invested is the time it took you to determine whether you like it or not.

Before moving on, let me make it clear that this review is on My Diary – Private Journal (MDPJ).  There is another app called My Diary that has an icon very similar to MDPJ.


What can you do in this app?  You can make a journal entry, add a weather icon and add a mood icon.  You can also edit your entry and share it with several different apps including Facebook and Twitter.  You can search your entries by your mood icon, by the weather icon, by the category you assigned to it and by the date or date range.  In addition you can assign a password to your journal.  That is basically it.  Is guess when one thinks about it this can be plenty for most users.  Sometimes, less could be more.


Now let’s look at what this app can’t do.  It can’t attach photos to entries, which in my opinion is a big deal.  In this day and age of smart phones, attaching photos to an entry is so natural and so helpful for when you go back in time to reflect on life’s moments.  Photos are also very handy in spotting individual entries in the list view.  The app also doesn’t handle audio files.  It can’t automatically enter your location into your individual entries.  The app also does not have the capability to export or import entries.  This is a big draw back if you want to move to another journaling app.  There is no way to back up your entries and there also is no way to email or print a pdf of your entries.  Without going any further, I think you get the drift by now that it is missing a whole lot of things that it should have to make it a full fledged journaling app.

md4One last comment, with all the above in mind, I really question the validity of the reviews it has received on Google Play.  Reviews like “I’ve tried all the rest and this is the best”, “Amazing, Superb”, “Cool, it’s the best thing ever”.  To me something smells fishy here.

I guess I can sum it up by saying proceed with caution.  It is an okay simple journal program, but not “the best thing ever”, not by a looooooong shot.

Let me hear what you have to say…until then, Happy Journaling!

Written by Drew Thomas – EJ Staff Writer