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Day Journal, an Android journaling app, is quite capable of keeping a record of your daily life. It’s got some pretty neat features too, such as inserting a map of your location from where you are recording your entry in addition to inserting the local weather at the time of the entry. Adding entries is a breeze and you can insert audio and photos into your entries as well. The audio recording works seamlessly however I could not add photos when I took them with my camera. I was able to take the photo from within the program but it wouldn’t show up in the entry. Adding a photo from the photo gallery on my phone however was not a problem although this is not as convenient as being able to snap a photo from within the program.  My phone is a Galaxy S3, maybe this has something to do with it. Nevertheless, entries and what you can add to them in Day Journal leave little to be desired if anything.   As for those of you who are concerned with privacy, security is top notch.

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The timeline view is great it gives you lots of information and indicators of what is in the entry.  It also includes photos in the timeline which is very handy for those of us who favor our visual sense.  I initially thought the Day Journal Hub, which is like the main menu, was a bit boring as far as UI goes, however it has grown on me and I now think it is fine as is.

Using Day Journal


The more I used Day Journal, the more I realized that this app has the potential to be an excellent digital journaling app.  What is missing and/or lacking?  One important feature that is missing is a desktop client to sync with.  I find this extremely handy when I want to make entries on my laptop, especially long ones.  The journaling app Diaro has an excellent implementation of this.  The export features in my opinion didn’t produce an end result that I was happy with, rather in HTML I got a note about how to produce a template so that the entry will look a certain way.  I am really interested in exporting and having a finished result without any additional steps.


There is much more to explore in this app and you can do that by downloading it for free from the Play Store.  The free version lets you work with up to seven entries.  Although that seems limited  you certainly will be able to get the full feeling of Day Journal, enough to determine if you want to purchase the unrestricted version.  It’s definitely worth a try and who knows, with time the developer may add several features that could very well make this a real winner.

UPDATE: The developer has contacted us and informed us that there have been updates to Day Journal. “We changed our FREE version model from limiting users to just seven entries to full access for the first seven entries and after that we block the adding of photos and audio. This means that users are left with a functional application and if they want photos and audio, they have to upgrade to pro. The camera issue has also been resolved.”

Download Day Journal for FREE here.

Written by Drew Thomas- EJ Staff Writer