I’ve yet to make a master list of reasons why I am becoming more and more convinced that digital journals are superior (for me!) than handwritten journals with pen and paper. My ebook Modern Journaling contains 9 specific reasons and I am noticing new ones continually as technology improves and the world moves in that direction. Perhaps some day soon that full list will present itself, but until then I give to you one of my favorite reasons why I choose eJournaling in this day and age- Copy/Paste.

Photo Credit - Robert Donovan

Photo Credit – Robert Donovan

My handwriting is atrocious so I already prefer a keyboard over a pen, but when there are additional ways to make my journaling even easier, I’m usually in. When you copy and paste, you are basically having someone else do the typing for you. That’s right, put other people to work to improve your journal!

You may be wondering why you would ever want to copy and paste someone else’s words into your personal journal. There are, in fact, dozens of reasons why, including these suggestions:

  • Grab a list of the day’s headlines and smack them into your daily entry to help remember the day
  • Google a quote that applies to the lesson you are explaining and ctrl+c it right into your eJournal
  • Find an old entry and paste it into today’s to explain how that story panned out
  • Input part of an email from an old friend
  • Fill your entries with copies of your tweets and status updates from Facebook

The moral of this story is that the more variety you can add into your personal journal, the funner it will be now and in the future. If you find your entries getting blande, grab something from someone else and spice them up.

Because remember, it’s not plagiarizing if it is for personal use (especially if you have it password protected)