Modern Journaling Kindle2Episodes 6 and 7 of the Capturing Life Through Technology Podcast are going to be a little different and (hopefully) a little special. Soon after I finished Modern Journaling in late 2011 I recorded an audiobook version and sold it along side the PDF for about a year. Eventually Easy Journaling went through a redesign and I got a new computer and the Modern Journaling mp3 got lost somehow in the shuffle. Okay, it wasn’t lost but I was having a hard time finding it.

Fast forward to about a week ago and I found a flash drive I had been looking for. Luckily it had a fresh copy of the Modern Journaling audiobook and I was left with the decision as to how it would be most beneficial to you, oh Easy Journaling reader. I thought about just making it available for download on the website for free, but ultimately decided against it as my web host would probably frown at a 40 MB file being downloaded over and over. The next best option was to just release it as a podcast (podcast hosting is separate and set up for multiple large downloads). Thus I decided it to release it as a podcast and since it was too long for one, I am splitting it up into two. 

This audiobook was my first production of the kind and I wasn’t using a professional mic, so the recording isn’t perfect. Still, I think the content is very valuable and I hope that it will be useful to you.

If you don’t know, Modern Journaling is the first and only guide that will show anyone on any device the best methods for keeping a personal journal digitally. It is available on Amazon for Kindle devices for $6.99 or you can get it as a bundle with 101 Reasons to Write a Journal (and other content) for $9.99.

You don’t need to buy the book as the audiobook is a verbatim (alright, a few things have changed in the latest version) but it would be very helpful to have both as there are many pictures and screenshots in the book to reference.

Modern Journaling- Part 1

See you next episode!