Photo Credit - Rob Boudon

Photo Credit – Rob Boudon

This one is for you, Apple fans. (Sorry all of you Android owners, you are coming up next!) In episode #5 of the Capturing Life Through Technology podcast I discuss the top 5 journals and diaries for the iPhone with a few honorable mentions thrown in at the end.

I am actually an Android user now but I was an iPhone guy for over 4 years and many in my family still have an iPhone. To be  honest, the iPhone journal and diary selection seems much better on iOS than it is on Android. They just look nicer and work better!

In this episode you will also hear a special guest appearance where Sam’s son was gracious enough to stop watching a pirate cartoon and put down his sippy cup long enough to say hi.


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The Top 5 iPhone Journals and Diaries

Original post:

Everyday Timeline

Day One

My Daily Journal


Wonderful Days

(Honorable Mention)



Roller Journal



Windbell Diary

(Also Mentioned)

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

And… Jason!

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Photo Credit – Sam Lytle