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Perhaps the number way that the world is capturing their life today is through a little thing called Facebook. Over a billion humans are now posting status updates, sharing (usually annoying) cat pictures, pictures and much more. Are you one of them? More importantly, are you using Facebook the right way?

In episode #4 of the Capturing Life Through Technology podcast I show you step by step how to take control of your Facebook account by creating lists and checking the settings on a regular basis. 

In future episodes I will also detail how you can download and take control of your Facebook data so that you can turn it from a sharing mechanism into a very convenient method of capturing your life.

Podcast episodes will be delivered about once every month while we re-launch this series and get brand new content together. Perhaps once we’ve caught up on the first 10 episodes, we’ll meet with some new traction on the ideas to bring in journaling app developers come and share more details. Would you enjoy that?

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Using Facebook the Right Way

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