Travel JournalingTravel writing continues to grow at a quick pace as one of the most popular hobbies for adventurers everywhere. Thanks to technology, documenting experiences around the world is no longer a time-taxing task involving pen, paper and a camera. The Web 2.0 has plenty of new options for travel journaling that range from speech to text recognition, to instant location services. Which are the most noteworthy? Read on and select one that works best for you.

Journey for Android. Journey is a free application with upgrade option that offers calendars, picture uploading, mood selection, and many other options that make it easier for you to enter noteworthy information without having to figure out how to begin. The program initiates the entries for you so that you can focus more on what you want to say. While it is a beautifully made application, it is not perfect. It should include audio and video files, and a stronger alarm and reminder system. Nevertheless, if your goal is to journal quickly, with as much detail as possible, this is the application for you.

Travel Diary. This app is very simple to use. By selecting the “plus” sign, you get to add a title, your entry and a picture. The day and time of the day is offered but you can also change it. When it comes to the simplest way to create an entry, Travel Diary is the option that will work best for you.

Tourist Eye. An app where you can plan a trip as well as talk about it, Tourist eye uses your GPS location to discover new places. After entering your current city, you will get several destinations to choose from. As you create your trip, you get visuals from different places, which you can add as points of interest. The app also works offline, so not everything has to be included while on Wi-Fi. It is a great app for the visual mind.

Penzu is a great writing app that looks and feels like a real diary. It does not offer the perks of pop-up options or the “mood selection” capacity that other apps offer, however, Penzu absolutely does its job of providing you a simple and discreet way to express yourself. Your entries are saved by date, and you have the option of selecting multiple journals if you pay the upgrade fee. Yet, you get everything that you need with the free version. A great perk of Penzu is that, if you choose to speak onto the journal while driving, the speech recognition capacity of your phone will allow you to speak your entries without having to type. This is a wonderful way to keep updated with automatic entry saves, and great password control.

Diaro. Another phenomenal and free Android application for journaling, Diario lets you enter information in up to 30 different languages. It offers more picture upload choices and it is extremely flexible and easy to use. As soon as you log in, Diaro takes you straight to the current date, prompting you to add an entry, take a picture, add a picture, and select a location. You can speak on to the app and let the speech recognition software of your phone type the words for you. The app is consistently updated and fixed for bugs. It is a great tool to install and keep handy.

Private Diary Free. This app offers the quickest and most varied journaling options available from other journaling programs. The interface is interchangeable, and it offers you a chance to enter variables such as categories, tags, emoticons for mood, and even the current weather by location. You can even draw and make art projects, take pictures, and upload them from a current album. It is a highly recommended app for those who love to document details and add creative extras to their entries.

Snapbook. While this app can be used for multiple purposes, it is intended mainly for the travel writer and documentarian who also places high importance on creativity, color, and aesthetics. Designed as a scrapbook, you can add pictures and commentary as you go. The interface is quite pleasing to the eye. If you like to show your travels with a lot of style, this will be your favorite app. Keep in mind that Snapbook is a multipurpose application that can be used for more than just travel writing. You can collect pictures by location, organize them by style, and create a wonderful project altogether.

Travel journaling has never been more fun! Free applications will keep you updated and ready to share with your friends the wonderful things that you discover along the way. May your journeys be always safe, and do not stop traveling. Upload pictures, and share the world with everyone. It is fun! It is simple! Most importantly, it is free and accessible everywhere!


Bio: Natalya Pobedova is a travelling nomad and backpacker from beautiful Brno Czech Republic. She is 27 and makes a living as a freelance web developer to support her traveling needs. She also runs a flight travel website for backpackers as a hobby: She dreams to fly to Brazil and speaks Portuguese fluently. She visited 14 countries already and most of them are in Asia and Europe.