Easy Journaling is something I have been working on for about 18 months now. It has seen growth from only a few visitors a month to now over 10,000 unique visitors every single month. It has helped me hone my skills as a writer and also a budding entrepreneur. As I have continued to expand and grow along with the website I have also tried to step outside of my comfort zone and look for new ways to reach out.

startup-business-podcast.jpgThe result has been of surprising results lately. One podcast that has really helped me in my business ventures has been the Startup Business Podcast by David West. I found it from its early days and David has gone above and beyond in giving me personal guidance and advice. He was intrigued by my story and invited me to be his first guest on the SBP which was released today and can be heard here or on iTunes here. In his own words:

This episode is a spotlight on Startup Business Podcast listener Sam Lytle and his Easyjournaling blog. This will hopefully inspire you to start your own blog, podcast or videocast and become an authority on something you know and love. Sam’s story in very interesting and involves getting paid to write app reviews, writing e-books and starting a WordPress blog all on the way to becoming an online authority in a Niche in less than two years!

It is a behind the scenes look at how Easy Journaling came to be- a story that I don’t often share. Hopefully my words can be of help to others looking to do similar niche sites. In less than two years Easy Journaling has become the most trafficked site entirely devoted to Journaling on the entire Internet! (that I can find, at least)

If you have any interest in starting your own business, David’s podcast is a phenomenal place to start.

Another great boost for Easy Journaling was that I was also featured on Dan Miller’s 48 Day’s Podcast! This was especially cool since I have been very inspired by Dan’s book 48 Day’s to the Work You Love and have listened to his podcast for quite some time. He is a contributor to Fox News among other media outlets and a very popular life coach.12715-300x300.jpg

I wasn’t the featured guest on his podcast but my voicemail was played back (a rare occurance as he usually reads them back) and he spent some good minutes spotlighting this website and the Journaling Expo coming up on January 13th.

Dan’s podcast can be heard here.

Any fellow podcast listeners out there? What are some of you favorites?