In an effort to better measure and track the progress of myself and other digital journalers, I recently developed a method called ‘The 5 Levels of Digital Journaling‘ (you can see a summary here or get the full version here). This was my attempt to quantify all of the things that make great journalers great and reveal the signs and symptoms of those who have a long ways to go.

Along with the 5 levels I developed, I also created a quiz that you could take so that you instantly knew where you landed on the spectrum. As nice as this analog quiz is, it is asking a lot of you to print it out and manually answer each question.

In an effort to continually make Easy Journaling as useful to you as possible, I am excited to announce that the 5 levels quiz is now fully interactive! By clicking on the link below you can simply click on each answer and have your score immediately presented to you when you are finished.


Although this is very nice, expect it to be even more user-friendly in the weeks and months to come. We are planning on making the results page look even better and will soon include a feature where you can have an instant reminder in the future (say, six months) that will send you an email with your results so that you can retake it and see how much you have progressed.

The digital journaling world can be a confusing one and that is why we are dedicated to helping you navigate through it all while learning the best practices. The Best Journal App Tool has been useful to hundreds and the podcast has been featured in the new and noteworthy section for weeks.

Stay tuned for even more tools in the months to come and let us know what tools or information you would like to see in the comments below.