Photo Credit - losmininos

Photo Credit – losmininos

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I’m not a terribly organized person, but I try to be. I like order and love to boil complicated processes into the most simple parts whenever possible. For this reasons I have separated all of the types of digital journalers into 5 different levels. Yes, this may be an over simplification of digital journalers the world wide, but I believe it will be very helpful to you so that you can know where you are and where you can go. It will also help me know how to get more of you into higher levels of journaling.

It has only been in the past few months when my personal experiences, conversations with app developers and communication with fellow digital journalers have combined to help me develop a near perfect process for keeping a journal electronically. It is a process that is application agnostic (it doesn’t really matter which app you use as long as it has the fundamental features), secure, optimized and fulfilling. It is a process based on simple principles that are flexible enough for nearly anyone from any background to use.

The irony is that I will admit that I have not yet perfected my own digital journaling; I have just started to see how it would work. I, myself, am not yet a level 5 journaler. In reality, there are probably only a few people on this planet that have achieved this status (of which achievement I’m sure they are not aware of). Hopefully Easy Journaling has played a role in helping many get at least to a higher level than they would have previous.

I also want to make it clear that this post will not fully explain how to achieve level 5 digital journaling status or even all of the details of each level. I am still articulating the process on the one hand and on the other, it would take a much longer medium than a blog post to detail how it works. This post is simply my way of making everyone aware of the levels of the digital journaling process.

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My final point before I outline these levels is that not everyone will want or need to be a level 5 journaler, and this is okay- as long as you are at least a 3. This level (level 5) of recording history, peace of mind and dedication won’t be a priority for everyone and this is understandable. I have been personally content with my 3-4 level journaling over the past few years and am only now ready to take it to the highest level. All of this said, however, I want everyone to recognize that these possibilities exist so that they can find the level they want to achieve and find the most fulfillment in.

This is only a very basic layout of the 5 levels but I will be releasing more products and content soon to explain these principles and help you ‘level up’ your digital journaling.

Level 1 Digital Journaler

Uses the first app they see. Only writes a few entries. Words eventually get lost or deleted.

Level 2 Digital Journaler

Researches several journal apps before choosing one. Wants to write a lot but gets frustrated because they don’t understand the process. Eventually gives up.

Level 3 Digital Journaler

Understands the basics. Uses password protection and inserts pictures and tags. Wants an exit strategy but still isn’t sure how to export their entries. Is aware of higher end features like multiple journals, writing entries from different devices and PDF export but hasn’t yet taken the time to use them.

Level 4 Digital Journaler

Has experience and is in control of their journal and data. Writes entries on the go from mobile devices and in depth entries via keyboard on occasion. Writes between 2 and 5 entries per week. Has peace of mind because they have a definite exit strategy that they execute on occasion.


Level 5 Digital Journaler

Worked their way through lower DJ levels and understands the process almost completely. Their exit strategy often involves formatting all entries and pictures in a word processor or layout application and physically printing their journal. Sometimes even uses online printing services like, or Collects more of their words and life from sent emails, social media and blogs posts they have written using copy and paste. Still actively works to improve their journaling by reading other journaler’s experiences and re-reading old entries.

So I have two questions for you today: what level are you… and what level do you want to be? I personally want to be a level 5 but still have some work to go!

Get the full 5 level mini-guide here