Nathan Ohren, Journaling Coach

Keeping a personal journal has been a very important part of my life (and sanity)! For years, I’ve saved storage tubs filled with my handwritten journals, detailing the processing of my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and goals since adolescence and early adulthood. Then in 2014, I accepted my friend’s challenge to put down my pens and pencils, and give the keyboards and touchscreens a chance to record my personal journals.

What I discovered was that my journaling hadn’t changed much, because I stayed true to some guiding principles, such as maintaining an honest and curious inquiry into myself. But journaling digitally (instead of analog), I saw the process become so much more efficient and enjoyable. Especially since I wanted my writings to have the ability to survive beyond me. How else could my personal stories (such as my high school crush, and the twists of my spiritual odyssey) be shared with family generations I will never meet?

I’ve been an early adopter of technology since elementary school, when my dad bought me a Commodore VIC-20 computer and showed me how to program in Turtle graphics.

Easy Journaling was born from the desire to combine everything I loved about technology with my mission to help people live “passionately, and on-purpose” through a personal journal-writing practice. The site has grown quickly from a few readers in 2011 to well over 10,000. Easy Journaling has become the #1 resource for anyone wanting to learn more about keeping a journal on shiny gadgets including users, journal developers, major websites and podcasts.

Our mission at Easy Journaling is to provide you with the best app reviews, recommendations and ideas that we possibly can. We combine your input along with our own experiences and frequent communication with journal app developers. This combination of education and experience helps us bring the best information on digital journaling you will find anywhere. We could comfortably say that we have test-driven more journaling applications than anyone else. This is what helps me offer solid recommendations for the perfect journal or diary app for others, as well as warn people of misleading features and claims.

In the next few months, we plan on rolling out even more features including a forum, podcast and even more products to take your digital journaling to the next level.


You belong on this site and in our community if you:

  • Want to journal but haven’t started yet
  • Have started journaling and want to keep consistent
  • Tried journaling, but don’t know where to go next
  • Have journaled your whole life but want to start doing so on your favorite gadget
  • Use a journal app on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, laptop, desktop and basically anything that boots up
  • Use Penzu, LiveJournal or similar online journaling software
  • Want to learn how to use Evernote as a journal
  • Want to learn something that will change your life forever
  • Are generally awesome

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