Give Your Journaling A Boost!

As I have mentioned before, we are constantly creating content about our lives these days. Just think about how often you are typing on a keyboard for personal use and you start to get an idea about how large our digital footprints have gotten over the past few years. This includes social media, todo lists, creative content, documents and, yes, email.

Photo Credit - Keith Ramsey

Photo Credit – Keith Ramsey

It has taken years for me to truly understand the connection between email and digital journaling. As I have understood how similar these practices are, it has opened up both the ability to improve my digital journal and also how quickly I can add content to my entries.

To give you a glimpse into the link between these worlds, I have compiled this list of 5 ways email can improve your journal. As always, if you have more tips, sound off in the comments below!

4 Ways Your Email Can Improve Your Journal

1. Send entries via email.

This great feature enables you to whip up an email, write a journal entry and then send it off to a special email address. The services that have this feature then create a new entry upon receiving the email, often even including the pictures with the entry. This is also a handy workaround if your employer blocks access to certain websites but allows you to use email. eJournals that offer this feature include Penzu, LDS Journal and Evernote (if used as a journal), including others.

2. Remember Your Life

If you are trying to record a history of your life, it can be oh-so-useful to take a quick stroll through your inbox to help you remember where you were two weeks ago and what you were doing. If you have missed writing for a while, this can help you stitch that history by looking for emails that detail where you have been and what you have been doing.

3. Find Forgotten Content

Similar to remembering your life, sometimes you can find entire emails that can basically be used as entries. The trick for this one? Search your outbox (sent) folder. Look for emails you may have written to close family and friends and you will realize that many of your thoughts, feelings and aspirations have already been written down. You just have to find them! Use the feature listed above (in #1) to just forward your email to a special address.

4. Newsletters

One of the best ways to get those power journaling tips is to subscribe to the right newsletters. I recommend my good friend Mari’s, but there are many other great ones including Penzu’s which I was recently featured in.

So there you have it. Now improving your journal is as easy as checking your email!