One of my favorite parts of this Easy Journaling project has been the interactions and associations with new friends in the journaling community. Mari L. McCarthy isn’t just a member of the journaling community, she is one of the strongest and most respected voices out there. It has been my privilege to be featured as a guest on her website, Create Write Now,  a few times now, sharing tips in the integration of technology and journaling.

Below is a portion of one of my recent posts. I highly encourage you to click through to not only read the rest, but also enjoy one of the finest journaling communities on the internet.

Create Write Now- Guest Post by Sam Lytle

Are you part of the crowd that either never got the eJournal memo or frankly just don’t care? Do you still hand write your journal and have no plans to change?

That’s absolutely fine. Hand written journals have retained their beauty and nostalgia, well into the 21st century and I am fairly certain that for many, they will never go out of style.

But even if you are a faithful keeper of a classic journal, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of advances in technology. These are 4 easy tech tips that will enhance your paper journal.

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