How’s your journaling going? Good I hope, but if you are like me, there is room for improvement. Lots of room.

Photo Credit - Eugene Zemlyar

Photo Credit – Eugene Zemlyar

Like most good things, you wonder why you aren’t better at it. It makes you feel good. You are grateful later. It is an experience that enriches your life. Still, whatever your frequency goal is (entry per day, week…), you probably fall short.

Books are written on motivations, techniques and methods for journaling and I can’t pretend to encompass the scope of those works. However, I have noticed a few reasons that keep me from meeting my journal goals. Overcome these little devils and I will be doing much better.

  1. Wrong Priorities: Did you see that great episode of America’s Got Talent last night? I know I did, and I enjoyed it. Oh, and that new Angry Birds Seasons? And the news? And Facebook? Oh, and that great new website about making your journaling easier? Just reflect for a minute where journaling ranks among your priorities. I would wager that most of us have time, we just aren’t using it right.
  2. Timing: What time do you usually journal? Most of my entries are at night, right before I go to bed. It is great for routine and consistency, but terrible for those nights that I am tired. The result is missed entries or those famous three liners. That’ll impress my great-grandkids.
  3. Travel: Nothing gets me out of sync in my life like a good long trip. I just took one for the 4th of July weekend and, you guessed it, journaling mostly went by the wayside. Traveling exhaustion, sleeping in a different bed, staying up late- all of these contribute to this blatant slacking. I am not discouraging travel, we just need to try and keep a routine and priorities when we are away from home.
  4. Procrastination: You didn’t think I would forget this one did you? I suffer something fierce from the “I’ll do it tomorrow syndrome”. If you don’t do it today, like right now, it probably isn’t going to get done. So what are you doing reading this post? Go write in your journal!

If you were a good boy/girl and already did it today, you can stay around and comment on what stops you from journaling as much as you would like.