Month: March 2015

Best Travel Journaling Apps for Android

Travel writing continues to grow at a quick pace as one of the most popular hobbies for adventurers everywhere. Thanks to technology, documenting experiences around the world is no longer a time-taxing task involving pen, paper and a camera. The Web 2.0 has plenty of new options for travel journaling that range from speech to text recognition, to instant location services. Which are the most noteworthy? Read on and select one that works best for you. Journey for Android. Journey is a free application with upgrade option that offers calendars, picture uploading, mood selection, and many other options that...

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CLTT Episode #3: Four Ways To Digitize Your Handwritten Journals

Episode #3 is here! Listen to Sam giveĀ four different ways to turn your handwritten journals into digital files. This is only a beginning of the possibilities, but he does a great job of laying out the main options. And, by the way, THIS is the episode that finally convinced me to start looking for help in digitizing all thirty years’ worth of handwritten journals. Yes, closets and boxes full of them! I’ll be sharing more about this in future episodes, but THIS one is where I got my inspiration. As always, leave your comments and questions in the comment...

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