Month: May 2014

Journaling App Review: writr Feels Great

People are loving writr. They have been climbing up the ranks, and quickly. Now in Top 5 paid productivity apps, and in the Top 100 overall paid apps. They consistently get 5 and 4 star ratings flowing in from the U.S.  Writr has recieved a confirmation from Microsoft to be featured in their next round of promotions, and have been recently reviewed on WPCentral. The following is a review from one of their users. What struck me when first opening writr, was how polished it felt. Subtle animations present the interface, clean and functional, placing the content at the fore. The journal-writing...

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Specific Examples of Capturing Life (Podcast)

Player above not working? Either click here, or right-click and “Save Link” to download the episode. In this episode, Nathan and Sam discuss a variety of examples for Capturing Life, as a sneak-peek preview of topics we’ll be covering on Easy Journaling in the future. Nathan shares his family’s recipe for accomplishing great Family Newsletters. Sam shares his disappointment with his favorite online journaling tool, LDS Journal, and how he and Tiffany implemented their “Exit Strategy”. Nathan and Sam talked about the ways to preserve hand-written journals for future generations. …and more! This is the 14th episode of the Capturing...

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Secure Journaling on

This is a Feature Summary of a new journaling app I found called I discovered it just as I was updating the BJAT (Best Journaling App Tool) that was started over a year ago to help people find the best journaling application for their preferences. We’ve now added this and about a dozen other new apps that have gained some internet attention. Thanks to Christina Wieling for the guest post. I have added my own commentary at the end. monkkee is a new online journaling site with a special focus on privacy and data security. The name refers...

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