Posted on Apr 12, 2014 | 2 comments

Today I posted a letter from the founder of LDSJournal to its users on the Easy Journaling Facebook page. This is a very sad announcement for many people because LDSJournal was such a trusted and reliable system for journaling. The letter is written with sincerity and a brief explanation. And I know that the hundreds or thousands of users are probably trying to figure out where to go next!

I’m curious to know how many people have already exported their journals, and what they plan on doing next.  We’re getting some emails from people expressing they feel lost and abandoned, and asking for some advice on how to replace this wonderful tool that many were using for free.

Please reply here, or on our Facebook page with any comments or ideas. Especially if you have made the leap to a new software, such as Diaro or Penzu, which several people have mentioned they have done successfully.

Meanwhile, here are some additional ideas:

  • Don’t forget about the BestJournalApp tool.  After answering a few quick questions, we query our database of over 70 different journaling apps to bring you the five most relevant, given your preferences.  Please bear with us as we get this database even more updated on a quarterly basis going forward!
  • Knowing how unique LDSJournal was, the only other application that seems as robust, with as many interactive features, that I could find is called LifeJournal Online. There is a very modest subscription fee, but the interface and all the flexibility are well worth it.
  • The Easy Journaling founder, Sam Lytle, often talked about the Five Levels of Digital Journaling. This is a perfect time to pause for some reflection about the next step for your journaling, and to consider carefully your “exit strategy” before leaping into another electronic journal. Don’t rush. Do some investigation, and think about your long-term journaling goals.

I hope to be hearing back from Nick Jones soon, and perhaps he will provide a few more ideas on which platform would be an ideal replacement.

The important thing in all of this is to keep a positive outlook and maintain a long-term view. There are several great opportunities in this change. I know for me, it has been a great way to start connecting with and planning for some of the real issues that are part of any digital journaling solution.

  • Sam Lytle

    This really is sad news. My wife has been using faithfully for years and is now scrambling to get her last project done before the site is no more.

    As I’ve said many times before, Penzu is always a good option. Not perfect, but great for most. I am also still loving Diaro for Android (which also works online) and many swear by Day One for iOS and Mac.

    Perhaps someone can take LDSJournal over?

    • Nathan

      Hi Sam! This reminds me of all the times you’ve ever taught us about having an “Exit Strategy” — knowing how to pull your data out, and preserve it in your control. I’m running a test with someone to see if we can get an XML file from LDSJournal.

      I haven’t heard back from Nick Jones yet, but I suspect there is more involved than just taking over his business. But I’ve asked him if he is seeking some kind of help. I’m sure there’s someone in our EJ community who has expertise with this?