Month: April 2014

Privacy Mode: One Advantage of Digital Journaling

Thanks, Bakari Chavanu, for this guest post: In age of Twitter, Facebook, smartphone apps, and even the NSA, very little seems private anymore. Many of us seem to want to let others know what we ate for lunch, who we recently befriended, and what video we starred on YouTube. Some people even confuse Twitter for a daily journal or diary. The tradition of diary- and journal-keeping is centered around privacy. But is there a case for allowing others to read our private writing?  Our journals or diaries may not be the historic coming of age tragedies of Anne Frank....

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LDSJournal is Sunsetting – Its Replacement?

Today I posted a letter from the founder of LDSJournal to its users on the Easy Journaling Facebook page. This is a very sad announcement for many people because LDSJournal was such a trusted and reliable system for journaling. The letter is written with sincerity and a brief explanation. And I know that the hundreds or thousands of users are probably trying to figure out where to go next! I’m curious to know how many people have already exported their journals, and what they plan on doing next.  We’re getting some emails from people expressing they feel lost and...

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A New Chapter at Easy Journaling

Life is constantly evolving. I’m welcoming a journaling guru to the Easy Journaling team. While demands on my full-time career have never been higher, and my roles as husband and father require increasing attention, I realize that I need serious help to give Easy Journaling the attention it deserves. This website is still the only location focused on digital journaling and consistently serves a growing audience as well as the casual journaler looking for the best journal app or digital journaling tips. It is with great excitement that I introduce Nathan Ohren as the manager of the operations of...

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