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Everyday Timeline

Okay, so a month or two ago I made the announcement that I would be switching my daily journaling from Diaro 3 to Everyday Timeline- both for Android. I had been using Diaro 3 for about 7 months and had loved it but I had always wanted to try Everyday Timeline as my daily go-to for about a year so as soon as it came to Android I jumped on board.

As always, because I am in control of my data I can switch the journals I use daily when ever I please. If you don’t know what I am talking about, please download the free mini-guide you see on the right of this page.

While there are a few things I miss about Diaro 3 (see below), there are several things I am loving about Everyday Timeline that Diaro can’t do. I’ve boiled them down to the top 4:

  1. I’m journaling when I’m not journaling. Because Everyday Timeline includes every tweet, Facebook status update and Instagram post along with the other personal journal entries my journal is growing even if I haven’t ‘written’ in it for a few days. This helps enrich my personal history using the words I am already writing. I know this isn’t for everyone, but those who use social media on a somewhat-consistent basis will fall in love with this feature.
  2. Stats. Everyday Timeline collects and displays statistics on your journaling habits in beautiful graphs. These include a chart of how you are feeling, what interests you (based on tags you use in your posts), what times of the day you journal most often and a map of where you journal. These are great, especially if you are a stat nerd like me.
  3. Keyboard journaling. While Everyday Timeline doesn’t yet have a web login to journal from like Diaro, there is a workaround that is actually even better. If you email to from the email you login with it will automatically post that email as a journal entry. The reasons I like this better is because you can basically journal from anywhere. For example, at my last job I couldn’t login to Diaro to write an entry but I could have used Everyday Timeline because I could always email at work.
  4. Control of data. While Diaro would allow me to export my entries to PDF whenever I wanted to, I still had to login and do it. Everyday Timeline, on the other hand, will send an email with a PDF of all of my posts written in the past week, every week. You can turn this on and off depending on how private you want to keep your entries, but I personally like the automation of the PDF emails.

While these options are great, there are still some things I miss about Diaro including the more beautiful interface, web login and nicer Android app. Also, because I know my social media posts are becoming entries I find myself less motivated to write entries with Everyday Timeline!

All in all, if I had to choose I would rank these apps close to equal with each other. They each have enough unique features to set them apart and the one you choose should depend on your personal preferences. Diaro was by far the best Android journal for a long time but now there is a two way tie!


  • epikvision

    Interesting. Good to see you’re enjoying Everyday Timeline. I like the barebones journaling experience that Diaro provides, however. :-)

    • Sam

      You won’t go wrong with Diaro. Everyday Timeline just has a few unique features that some will find very compelling. It is just nice for Android to finally have some journal/diary competition!

  • Sam

    I also forgot to mention that Everyday Timeline is absolutely free as compared to the $4 for Diaro pro.

  • Michael

    I’m frustrated with trying to decide which is the best one. I LOVE Momento for iOS, but would prefer to move everything to my Android. I love Memento’s ability to incorporate my Twitter feed, etc. That is one thing I can see missing in Diaro that I want to have, so I have chosen not to do anything at this point. I also don’t want to be stuck with one app and, if I decide to switch, have a difficult time taking my data with me. Thanks for your blog – it’s helping me to decide which route I want to go.

    • Sam

      You should try Everyday Timeline. It has those same Twitter/Facebook… features as Momento, it is available on Android and it is free. Doesn’t hurt to try!

      • Michael

        Thanks, Sam, I will. From what I can see so far, the app seems pretty decent but the web interface is horrendous. I can’t understand how to synch my Twitter or other feeds even though it specifically calls for a “Step 1″. There is nothing that allows you to continue. I will give the app a fair shake, though – I just tend to be a very demanding user (I’m in software QA – it’s in my nature to question lol)

  • MayhemMama

    If you send an email post how long does it take to show up on the timeline? I started using it last night and made an email entry this afternoon and it is still not there.

    • Sam Lytle

      I really don’t know how long it takes. I’ve never taken the time to notice. I typically just push send and then the next time I check my journal in a day or two it is there. Let us know what you find!

  • FS

    It seems this app has disappeared off the Google play store. Are you still using it?

    • Nathan

      Hi FS. No, I’m not using this one. (Maybe Sam is?) I found the link on the Google Play store. Did you need me to send it to you?

      • Daniele

        I confirm: I don’t see Everyday Timeline in the Play Store and the link in your post doesn’t work. Evenif you send it us, IMHO it’s not supported/updated anymore by developers!

        • Nathan

          Many thanks, Daniele. I can see that the app is no longer available in the GooglePlay store. Hmm… Time to write an article about the “Disappearance of Everyday Timeline!” ???