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Photo Credit - Phil Roeder

Photo Credit – Phil Roeder

While it is nice to be able to pull out your smartphone or tablet and make a journal entry keeping a journal online has its own perks. Not only is your journal automatically backed up and secure but you can also often write entries from mobile devices as well.

As you will learn in the 12th episode of the Capturing Life podcast, Penzu is the industry leader as far as online journals go but there is at least one major contender.

As always, if I missed a great online journal please let us know in the comments below.

Penzu and the Other Online Journals and Diaries



  • Polly Anna Watson

    Just wanted to share: I’ve been using Penzu for about a year now, but the Pro since January. I’ve just recently begun using the Android version. About a week ago, I was trying to sync the Android with my account and not only would it not work, but I lost over 200 words to one of my journal entries.

    I was UPSET.

    I contacted Penzu. They got back in touch with me within a few days and told me how to correct my sync problem. That worked just fine.

    They also told me that they’d gone back into their system and they were able to find my original journal entry where I’d lost a portion of it!!!! I had to tell them the date and the title of the entry, but they found it!

    Needless to say, Penzu is my favorite!!!! I’ve used LiveJournal; Penzu is better. I’ve tried Evernote; it was more complicated than it was worth for what I wanted to do.

    I’ve played with LDSJournal and I like it–a lot–especially the feature about being able to print out copies of my journals! But since I’ve been using Penzu so long now, I hate to switch officially. If LDSJournal would has an import option from Penzu (or others), I might be willing to switch at the end of the year when my Penzu Pro account needs to be updated.