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Photo Credit - Barta IV

Photo Credit – Barta IV

You are reading this on a website about journaling because you are at least curious about what journaling can do for you life. You have either felt benefits of putting a pen to paper or fingers to keyboard or you believe that doing so may improve your life somehow.

Okay, lets be honest. You are probably here because Oprah told you to journal.

This brings up an important question and the focus of this post. Not the point about someone telling you to journal.

…the point that Oprah is rich and famous.

Oprah is just one of many famous or otherwise wealthy individuals that have publicly made it known that they believe in journaling in their life. Most Presidents of the United States kept personal journals and diaries even if to record their own personal history.

Do successful people journal or are journalers successful people? 

Is your mind blown yet?

We know that there are at least 101 reasons why you should keep a journal, but what about more quantitative measures? What about the stuff that we really care about?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and will probably be discussing it more here in coming weeks and months. Probably the reason I have been focusing the most on it is because I pretty much believe it to be true. When done consistently and for the right reasons, I really believe journaling can help you be more successful in your life. I know that success is measured in different ways, but I really believe that if you want to be wealthy in your life a personal journal is a great place to start. Journaling for health, fitness and weight loss (let’s call it beauty for fun) is a more obvious one. Calorie diaries and workout journals have been common for decades.

Photo Credit - Le Melodie

Photo Credit – Le Melodie

So how exactly can journaling make you more rich and attractive?

This is a question that I am preparing to answer so stay tuned.

And, as always, if you think I am full of crap… let me know in the comments! Okay, those who agree can chime in as well.

  • Jokubas Kudaba

    Why are you writing two posts instead of one? You could answer rich&famous question in this article and that would be much better. I understand that you want to interest me so I will come back next time to read your second article about rich&famous, but it doesnt work that way. I will not come back next time, because I spent time reading your “next article preview” article and now I have bad opinion about you. I know that someone told you that it will be great to interest people in one post and write everythin in another, but, as I said, it doesnt work tat way. Think about it and stop writing just for having bigger number of pageviews.

    • Sam

      The Easy Journaling community will miss you Jokubas. You seem like a very nice person.

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    • Sam Lytle

      This comments is just crazy enough for me not to delete it. Entertaining stuff!