Month: August 2013

10 of Today’s Most Famous Journalers

Ten of the Most Creative Journal Keepers When it comes to keeping a journal, these people are pros.  In fact, there’s a lot that can be learned from them about the process.  With modern technology being what it is, it’s easier to share, engage, and even keep journals.  In fact, the digital journal is what we promote heavily here. Some of the most creative journal keepers of all time include: 1. Julia Cameron.  Author Julia Cameron set the trail ablaze for creative by sharing her ‘Morning Pages’ with readers of The Artist’s Way.  The practice of writing three long-hand...

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Can Journaling Make You Rich? Famous? Beautiful?

You are reading this on a website about journaling because you are at least curious about what journaling can do for you life. You have either felt benefits of putting a pen to paper or fingers to keyboard or you believe that doing so may improve your life somehow. Okay, lets be honest. You are probably here because Oprah told you to journal. This brings up an important question and the focus of this post. Not the point about someone telling you to journal. …the point that Oprah is rich and famous. Oprah is just one of many famous...

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Private Diary for Android – A Complete Journaling Package

The handheld version of Private Diary along with its online version make quite a complete journaling package that will suit most anyone’s journaling needs. Let’s take a look at both and see how they may fit into your daily journaling life. The handheld version has most of the necessary features you would expect to find in most top of the line journaling apps. These include a timeline view, calendar view, photo capability from within the app, auto location insertion, tags and categories as well as a host of other features. In addition, the timeline view can be customized as...

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Is Narrato for iPhone the ‘Easiest Way To Journal’? Maybe Someday!

Narrato’s user-interface is simple, uncluttered black text on white background. Don’t look for too much color from here on though. Set up your account with an email and a password for security. I know, its pretty light-weight, but it is security. On the first entry page, pressing the down arrow in the left corner opens the main menu consisting of user-customizable icons. Day-by-Day (calendar) opens to your on-going journal entries with the most recent up top (thank you!). It also shows where you are (town), the temp plus the weather, and a few navigational tips. If you had added...

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6 Places To Mine Material For Future Journal Entries (Journal Prompts)

Journaling causes you to push your edges. It has you exploring the confines of your comfort zone. It makes you question things and draw conclusions. It gives insight about the past, identifies areas of improvement, and helps your dreams take flight. With that being said, if you journal on a regular basis, you’ll find times where you need inspiration for your posts. The creative well may have run dry and you look for things outside yourself to fill it once again. If that is the case, and it certainly will be from time to time, there are a number...

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