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Photo Credit - Rahul Rodriguez

Photo Credit – Rahul Rodriguez

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My relationship with Penzu has been well documented. It started as a nice online journal that I hoped to use someday to something that I used daily for more than a year. It went from something that I was infatuated with to something that I was ultimately frustrated with. To read more about Penzu, click here.

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It has been nearly six months since I started using Diaro 3 for Android (and PC) as my daily journal and I still love it. The mobile application is one of the best I have seen and the online version is similarly consistent, attractive and functional. I hope to use it for a while longer before I move onto something else. Remember, when you are in control of your data, journal applications are only interchangeable tools.

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But while I love Diaro, there is something I miss terribly from Penzu. More accurately, there is something I am going to miss terribly from Penzu.

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I added the future tense to that sentence because I am still enjoying this feature of Penzu. It greets me almost every day and not only brightens my day but also reminds me why I am so consistent with this habit.

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So what is this feature?

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Old entries emailed to me.

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I don’t know if that is the exact name, but that is what I will call it because that is exactly what it is. If you wrote an entry a year ago today (possibly two and more years ago as well, I’m not sure), you will automatically get an email in your inbox that will give you a preview of what that entry was from 365 days ago.

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The email only shows about two lines of the entry and then you have to click through to Penzu to read the rest. I rarely click through because the title and first few lines are all that I need to be reminded about what I was doing during that phase of my life. It instantly brings me back to that point in my life.

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I will still get these emails for a while because I wrote in Penzu for most of 2012. I very much look forward to these, but it kind of bums me out that Diaro doesn’t have this feature. Sure, I can always go through old entries whenever I want, but the automation of these Penzu emails are so convenient.

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Is it enough for me to go back to Penzu? No, it isn’t. The mobile interface is just too clunky, among the other issues I had with it.

Still, I very much enjoyed that part of the service and hope that all of you Penzu users out there are taking advantage of this feature.

Editors Note: Everyday Timeline for iPhone and iPad also has this feature (called Blast from the Past). Write in the comments if you know of any others.