Month: March 2013

Journal App Review: Capture 365 for iPad/iPhone (Mac Version Also Available)

Looking for that perfect journal app is just like shopping for any other item. Imagine wanting to buy a new desk and going to an IKEA store. That certain familiar feeling is there; you know what you want and you know you want it now. The only problem is that all of a sudden, all desks seem to look alike. That vision of the perfect desk is gone. What’s left is a room full of possible purchases that leave you catatonic at the very least. Journal apps tend to be alike in some ways, especially if you have seen...

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Journal App Review: Saga Diary for Android

When you want something done, the best option is probably the simplest option. If you want to nail something then use a hammer. If you want to cut paper then use a pair of scissors. Or if you want to get to the other side of the road then you have to start walking ASAP. Life is supposed to be easy. Complicating it with extra stuff doesn’t make it any better. To some people, simplicity is the most important of all features. In the war of journal apps, some apps try to have something up their sleeves in an attempt to...

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The Benefits of Keeping a Video Diary

Benefits of Video Diaries -Eddie Yu of The benefits of keeping a diary has been widely researched, written and blogged about, and we all know that it’s a good thing to do. It’s a way to record your own personal history and heal yourself at the same time because as we all know, self healing in its highest form is being reflective and self aware of what’s going on inside our own heads. Since we already know all the benefits of writing, what’s the difference between that and recording it on video? Well, there are plenty of apps...

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This Free Recommendation Website Is Probably The Best Thing Easy Journaling Has Ever Done

What Is Your Best Journal App? Visitors come to Easy Journaling for a variety of reasons but the most popular is to find the best journal app for their favorite device. Just type “best android diary” or “best iPhone journal” into any Google search bar and you will probably be directed to this website. As nice as the ‘best journal app‘ posts are that you will find here, they aren’t really that helpful because each user has such different criteria. The top 5 apps for Jack won’t be the same for Jane. Everyone approaches digital journaling differently and a...

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Warning: Don’t Use The Built-In Tagging Feature In Your Journal App

Using a folder system for organizing is so, like, five years ago. Right? Kids nowadays are keeping things together using tags which are similar to folders… but oh, so different. Gmail is the most obvious example. I used to use Yahoo email (you probably did too, once upon a time) and I remember having some elaborate system of folders and sub-folders to keep track of my most important emails. Once I made the switch to Gmail I had withdraws for a while because my beloved folder system had been replaced with a foreign method of tagging. Fast forward a half-decade later and I’m pretty sure...

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