Month: February 2013

eBook Review: The Ultimate Guide to Journaling

Most books on journaling typically focus on a single aspect of the practice and the two I have written are no exception. Modern Journaling is the digital perspective on journaling and 101 Reasons to Write a Journal focuses on the motivation side. I’ve just finished reading a book that encompasses a little bit of everything you need to know about keeping a personal journal- The Ultimate Guide to Journaling by Hannah Braime. If you were new to journaling or wanted to get the most out of keeping a personal journal or diary you could browse bookstores and pick out...

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Using Shutterfly as a Journal

I know that I am the one that is usually behind the posts here at EJ, but I had to turn this one over to my better half. She has done some incredible things with our pictures turning them into priceless printed books using Shutterfly and has offered to share her experiences with you. Put your hands together for Tiffany and her first post! -Sam You might feel sometimes like the only way to keep a journal is by creating entries in a journal book or digital app. Maybe you haven’t kept a journal in a while and feel...

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The Story Behind 101 Reasons to Write a Journal

If you receive the Easy Journaling updates, you recently learned that I have just released my latest book, 101 Reasons to Write a Journal. This ebook goes in depth on over a hundred different reasons why you should pick up journaling (if you haven’t already) and mixes some suggestions, stories and inspiration to go along with the motivation. It turned out better than I could have hoped and I am grateful for all of you that helped me on this project. The following is the story behind 101 Reasons which you will find in the forward of the book....

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Finding the Right Digital Journal for Beginners- Vince’s Journey

Vince Doss recently reached out to me asking a few questions and explaining his journey attempting to find the right digital journal in his busy life. I was inspired and educated by his story enough that I encouraged him to write it out for all of you to enjoy as well. As you will soon see, Vince is on the right track and his careful selection process will increase his chances of an enjoyable and fulfilling journaling experience. Take it away Vince! I am an IT support professional and I have just taken up journaling in the past month....

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The 4 Reasons Why Diaro 3 Is the BEST Android Journal

(Pin this on Pinterest by hovering over the icon on the left and clicking on the Pin It button!) A few months back I documented my transition from the world of Apple to the world of Android. It was surprisingly smooth and I have to say that I haven’t regretted switching to my Galaxy S3 (Verizon) a single day. The iPhone 4 was a great device and I loved it for most of two years, there just came a day when I wanted a bigger screen and more customization. Android offered this and much more. I didn’t worry too...

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