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Journaling Will Be Different in 2013!

We’ve all been there. February comes and you can’t even remember your New Year’s resolutions, let alone accomplished them. Maybe it has something to do with the calendar. Perhaps there is a magical spell that is cast upon us when we move it from January to February.

This year it all changes.

Well, probably not for jogging or eating right. I can’t really help you with spending less either.

But for journaling, this is the year that you will finally break through. How can I be so confident? Now you have a secret weapon you never had before: Easy Journaling. Way back in 2011 and even in 2012 keeping a personal journal and diary was mind-bendingly difficult. Now, though, it is as easy as a snap. Probably easier.

Photo Credit - Jon Glittenberg

Photo Credit – Jon Glittenberg

10 Ways to Turn Journaling From a Resolution to a Habit

Though the previous five paragraphs are nice and everything, I know that you came here for substance so that is what I will now give you. Ten hard cold tips that will simplify your journaling and ensure it is the one resolution that will last all the way to March!

10. Schedule a consistent appointment to write. This can be daily or weekly, just make sure it is consistent. If you prefer weekly, try Sunday morning, perhaps. Night time is a popular daily journaling time.

9. Never miss. Even if you just write a single sentence, the shear act of making an entry every day or week will solidify the habit. If you do miss, double up on the next time to convince yourself of the importance of the habit.

8. Find the right journal. Perhaps you have been keeping a handwritten journal. From personal experience, making the switch to digital journaling (or eJournaling) makes the process magnitudes easier, funner and more accessible. Don’t want to pay money or click on the neat little “Find The Right eJournal” button on the top of this page? Then just start a free account at Penzu or LDS Journal, my two favorite online journals.

7. Personalize your eJournal. Most digital journal applications or services allow you to jazz it up a bit. This may be as simple as trying out a new font or even switching the background. A fresh look now and again will make it more desirable to come back to.

6. Add pictures! Ever since I have really learned the more effective way of keeping a journal electronically, the one single thing that has changed the experience for the better more than anything else is my goal to add at least one picture to every single journal. Not only does this document your life in a whole new way, but it makes me take more pictures!

5. Find a supporter. Ever since my wife saw what my eJournal looked like when it was printed out, she has really wanted one for herself. To help her in this goal, she has forced strongly encouraged me to remind her every night when I write mine. Your supporter could be your spouse or significant other, parent, child or just a friend. Don’t associate with humans? Just shave “JOURNAL” into the side of your dog. I’m sure she won’t mind.

4. Replace a worse habit. I think I would be correct in assuming that most of us don’t live up to our journaling aspirations because we can’t find enough time. Well, we do have enough time for entertainment tonight or texting, don’t we? Try this simple trick. Every time you go to play Angry Birds, instead write a short entry in your journal. Besides, Angry Birds is overrated and I don’t care who knows it! (I prefer Tiny Wings myself)

3. Write entries from multiple devices. If you do keep a journal with Penzu, LDS Journal or a host of Android, iPhone or iPad journals, you probably have the ability to keep them in the ‘cloud’. If so, try and write different entries from different devices just to confirm that your journal really is that accessible and remind yourself that if you are away from your computer, you may be able to keep the entry from your phone.

2. Cut back on other resolutions. Yup, I went there. I think many fail at NYR simply because they try and do too much. If you haven’t done this before, consider making one resolution this year (which, of course, will be to journal more consistently) and one resolution only. This way you will be more focused and your chances of success will skyrocket.

 1. Recommit to your journaling goal frequently. Okay, now that I have given you all of this great advice, I need to reveal something that may shock you so please, sit back in your chair a bit. I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I never have been. I think more than not they are an attempt at redirection that results in frustration more than change. How can I be so negative and hard on resolutions? Simple, I am more of a “Sunday Resolutions” or “When It Is Time Resolutions” guy. Although yearly resolutions can be good to remind us that who we want to be and who we are haven’t been fully introduced, making true goals at life change just once a year isn’t going to cut it if you want to be happy and successful in your life. If you really want to make journaling a part of your life, recommit to this goal often, perhaps even weekly. This has been the only way that I have been able to do it and I am so grateful!

So, there you have it. Nine great tips to make journaling a habit and one paragraph that will just peeve off some resolutions gurus. I hope that your 2013 is even better than your 2012!

What did I miss?

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