Month: January 2013

5 Ways to Enhance Your Digital Journaling

I’m proud to share some wonderful insight from my friend Hannah Braime. She is a growing voice in both the journaling and wellness communities and I am very much enjoying her book The Ultimate Guide to Journaling which is available on Amazon (more on it when I am done!) As you will see, she shares many of the same feelings I have about the benefits of digital journaling. I hope that her words will help you as much as they have helped me. Take it away Hannah! 5 Ways to Enhance your Digital Journaling The internet has changed our lives...

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The #1 Thing You Must Know Before Starting a Digital Journal

Proper digital journaling is not an application, it is a process. It isn’t something you can buy for $0.99 in an app store, it is something that is learned and developed. How do I know this? Well, five years of keeping my own personal journal digitally has taught me many things and I have learned even more hearing the horror stories of those who poured their lives into a cheap application only to have it lost forever. For all of the benefits this newer form of journaling offers, poor preparation can bring out the worst that any computing machine can...

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How To Restart Your Journaling Habit In 6 Steps

How to Restart your Journaling Habit Guest post by Nathan Ohren from   Toward the end of January, has your exciting New Year’s Resolution already run out of steam?  It’s not your fault; this is normal.  Instead of developing a sense of cynicism about resolutions, there are some pragmatic actions to jump-start (or re-start) the habit of journal-keeping.  1.  Make a definite date with yourself.  Reserve at least 30 minutes.  Say tomorrow, at 3:35 pm.  Or next Saturday, at 9:15 am.  Look at your calendar, choose something you will keep without fail.  Honor this appointment as you would if it were...

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We Suck At Setting Goals

Have you ever made a new years resolution only to give up a few weeks later? If so, you are not alone. This infographic gives a good visual description of how you are the exception if you make and keep goals at the new year. Thanks to our friends at Education Database Online for this beautiful...

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The Top 5 iPad Journals/Diaries

If you are looking for the perfect journal to compliment your slick new iPad, you have come to the right place. That’s right, these are the top 5 iPad journals and diaries to keep your entries and make them beautiful. So what would you want in an journaling app for the iPad? Many of them have beautiful interfaces and are loaded with features like syncing with other services like Dropbox, social media check ins, and maps just to name a few. Others have interfaces that focus solely on the task at hand- getting your thoughts down in writing and nothing...

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