Month: July 2012

Find Journal Material You Thought Was Long Forgotten

Whether you are new to journaling or a seasoned veteran, there are likely times in your life that you wish you had kept better records of. This can be a feeling of overwhelm or even sorrow, knowing that it would be, at best, difficult to catch up or retrieve those lost memories. You may be surprised to hear that many of those memories are not only available, but written down as well. In attempting to keep in contact with separated loved ones, we often communicate through email, updating our lives. These emails are surprisingly saturated with details of our...

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Copy/Paste Will Set Your Digital Journal Free

I’ve yet to make a master list of reasons why I am becoming more and more convinced that digital journals are superior (for me!) than handwritten journals with pen and paper. My ebook Modern Journaling contains 9 specific reasons and I am noticing new ones continually as technology improves and the world moves in that direction. Perhaps some day soon that full list will present itself, but until then I give to you one of my favorite reasons why I choose eJournaling in this day and age- Copy/Paste. My handwriting is atrocious so I already prefer a keyboard over...

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Journal App Review: Day One- Among The Best Journal/Diary Apps Available

Among journal apps, there are features that matter and features that don’t. Of course it would be absolutely awesome (and entirely possible) to have pretty much all of the features from insignificant to vital, but I am yet to find that app. So instead it is important to find the features that are most important to us and make sure the journal we choose has most of them. Day One has most of them, for me anyways. And the ones that aren’t available are on tap for inclusion in future releases. The proactive mindset that the developer Bloom Built...

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